JD and Mickey’s Wedding


On Saturday, June 15, I photographed a wedding in one of the oldest churches in Washington, DC. The wedding was for two wonderful men, J.D. Gimbert and Mickey Jordan. I have know these guys for a couple of years. J.D. has always been there when I needed someone to help me out in the studio or on a location shoot.

This wedding was AMAZING. The venue was gorgeous, the wedding party and family were a dream, and the reception hosted in a beautiful Capitol Hill home nearby wrapped up the day of celebration perfectly.

I have included a few of the wedding party portraits and a couple ceremony pictures here.

I wish J.D. and Mickey all the happiness in the world. I hope they spread their love and show Alaska what marriage equality is all about.


Engagement Session – Michelle Kline and Stu Koltov

Michelle and Stu
Michelle and Stu

On November 3, I had an engagement session with Michelle Kline and Stu Koltov. You know it is going to be magic when you have a fun and cute couple that makes your job easy! We headed over to Georgetown and made use of the scenic alleys, waterfront, and canal. I hope you enjoy my favorites from this shoot!

A special thank you to my team Robin Altice and J.D. Gimbert for their help on this shoot.